Avoiding First Date Nerves – Fluttr’s Top Tips

A first date can be an extremely daunting prospect. We don’t know many people who would jump right into a first date without some hesitation. Although it is perfectly normal to feel nervous and slightly jittery, you shouldn’t be so worried that you wind up cancelling. One key aspect to a successful first date is confidence – even if you have to fake it till you make it! When it comes to online dating, this is likely the first time you will be meeting this person IRL. So no pressure! Here are some of our top tips for avoiding the first date nerves, putting on a brave face and having a successful first date.

Stop being so damn negative!

2022 is all about self-love. So, Step numero uno should always be to stop knocking yourself down and instead remind yourself of all the amazing qualities you possess. Prepare yourself for your first date by building some self-confidence. Putting a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Pre-date meditation

Want a sure-fire way to calm your nerves and feel peace within yourself? Meditation has been practised for centuries as a way to reduce stress and calm nerves. Ideal for pre-date preparation if you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions. Simply spend some time focusing on your breathing in a quiet and calm environment, you can sit cross-legged and listen to white noise if this helps, but it’s certainly not essential.

Dating should be an adventure

Don’t have the outlook that dating is similar to a job interview, these two things are polar opposites. Yes, you are getting to know someone but you should still be enjoying yourself. Having a date planned which is fun and adventurous should be something for you to look forward to, rather than something you dread. If you really hate formal dinner settings, don’t book a fancy dinner – it’s as simple as that!

Be open and honest

Although it’s good to put on a brave face, even if you’re feeling butterflies in your stomach, being authentic is so important. If you’re trying to pretend to be someone you’re not to impress your date, the likelihood is they will see straight through it. To remain cool, calm and collected, just be yourself! You will feel way more pressure if you attempt to create a cool or suave personality that is just not you.

💌 Dating Reminder

You have nothing to lose when it comes to dating. As a free singleton, any date you go on is just an opportunity to get to know somebody new. If this doesn’t go as you planned, don’t be disheartened. You will have plenty more opportunities to get the first date right.

Want to meet genuine honest people?

One worry many will have when it comes to online dating is whether or not they are meeting somebody who is genuine and honest. Often this causes many people to flake on their date. Forget about this concern when downloading Fluttr. The NEW dating app is designed to help you form real, genuine connections with 100% real people. Download the Fluttr app today.