changing the narrative around online dating

Dating apps get a bad rap, they make finding love a chore: First, you’ve got the swiping, and swiping, and then more swiping. Then there’s the awkward, “how r u”chats to endure. The worst part comes when you find out that 10% of the people you’ve been talking to don’t even exist. If you’re struggling with trust issues, or about to give up, do not fear, Fluttr is about to fix all of that.

If you’re looking for a meaningful, positive, relationship, Fluttr is for you.

We’re finally changing the conversation around online dating. Here’s how we’re doing it:


1. We’re only looking for real people.

No one should be shocked by this, but you’ll be surprised to know this never happens. Sorry C3PO, as much as we love you, you’re not invited.

2. We’re upfront and safe with your information.

We’ve teamed up with YOTI to offer a truly private and safe way to verify your identity to keep you and your data safe. If you’re honest, you’ll always stand out.

3. We make dating feel like dating should.

We ditched the swipes for real vibes. Exhilarating. Exciting. Fun. Joyful. Honest. Real. We let in Fate to play a bit too! Interactive features and games; video dates and more.

We want you to feel the Fluttr. 

What are you waiting for? Download now. Show up. Sign up. 

Lucky you – you can enjoy a free unlimited subscription as a Founding Flutterer. Offer ends soon – Fluttr is normally a paid subscription. Hurrah!