Combatting the myths around online dating

What do you associate online dating with?

Are lonely singletons desperate for love?
Players and womanisers looking for quick hookups?
Catfishes and con artists swindling matches for money?

Whatever negative connotations you attach to online dating, Fluttr are here to break it down. Combatting the myths around the world of online dating and dating apps. Yes, that’s right, you really can find love online!

Online dating is just for hookups and casual sex

You may think the majority of people using dating apps are just looking for someone to hook up with. Many people believe online dating and dating apps are to blame for what people have coined ‘hookup culture’. Although lots of people do meet with people from dating apps for this particular reason, many long-term relationships were formed online. Some latest research shows us that 45% of UK respondents stated they would use a dating app to find a long-term partner or to get married.

Online dating is dangerous

A lot of people are put off by the concept of online dating due to worries about safety. With reports of crimes being committed and catfishes catching people out, it is understandable as to why there is this stigma around online dating and dating apps in general.
At Fluttr our key priority is safety. With our new dating app, we are changing the way people view online dating and the dating game in general. Offering a platform that encourages only 100% honest dating. Using our biometric ID verification, we ask all users to verify their identity before using the app with an official government ID. Helping to eradicate our platform of catfishes and fakers. For safe dating use Fluttr!

Read more about our safety policies and guidelines here.

It’s impossible to find a perfect match online
It can be hard to believe that genuine, long-term relationships can be formed as a result of meeting on an online dating app or site. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that couples who meet online tend to have much more successful relationships, with some even resulting in marriage! According to YouGov statistics, 25 to 29-year-olds are most likely to meet a partner on a dating app.

Something to consider when using a dating app is the ability it offers you to choose your matches based on your likes and dislikes. It can actually be much easier to meet people who are a genuinely good match online, as opposed to offline.

Online dating is only for 20 somethings

You may be thinking, ‘hang on, I’m too old for dating apps!’ And to that we say, ‘No way!’. With dating app usage increasing over the last few years, we are now seeing more and more online users between the ages of 30-40 and beyond. Dating apps are not just for young 20 somethings. Age will impact your match but it doesn’t mean it will stop you from meeting new people and going on dates. There are plenty of people over 30 looking for love on dating apps.

Want to make genuine connections?

Fluttr users are 100% honest, 100% real daters looking for connections. Thanks to our app safety measures, we are eradicating catfishes and fakers, creating a platform for love makers. Download Fluttr today on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.