date-night ready?

There’s nothing more important than feeling good on a date. We think a few nervous butterflies are healthy, but ultimately if you’re not feeling comfortable, it’s going to be a little tricky to put yourself first, which ultimately, is what dating is about. Dates are an exercise in being authentically you.

We’ve put together a simple authenticity checklist, so when you’re ready to take the leap, you’ll be at your best:


1. Be comfortable with yourself

Note: "comfortable" not "confident”. Dating is all about being your authentic self and to do that you've got to be in your own corner. If you're a little late, you're a little late, bad days come and go, just be easy on yourself, that's where real confidence is born.

2. Build the foundation of trust

Dating is about being vulnerable, it's about letting someone in and putting your best foot forward. Your date is taking a leap of faith too, so it's important to be transparent from the start. Tell them your values, your goals, your passions and make sure they know they're in safe hands. Trust makes for the best type of bond.

3. Be genuinely interested

Keep asking, keep listening. Pay attention to the things they say. Don't focus on the past, make it about what's happening now.

4. Be open to new things

Remember, this is a date, not a time to be self-conscious. It's all about curiosity, adventure and exploration. If you're someone who needs to stick to a routine to feel comfortable, that's ok, but if you're open to new ideas, new places and new people, your date will appreciate that.

5. Give yourself the time to get ready

This isn't a job interview, this is about creating space for yourself first. So this one’s pretty open. You could listen to some of your favourite music, or check in with a friend beforehand. Make sure you’re looking your best, or you can cover all bases and do the lot.

The reality is we've all got insecurities. You might be going out on a date tonight, but you've got a date in your own life every day. So embrace yourself, there's no need to be a hopeless romantic.

Be a decent dater, be all of a Fluttr
The power is in “yes” when your words are a stutter.