How ID verification can finally save you from fake profiles

How ID verification can finally save you from fake profiles

Fake accounts and bots are sure ways to kill the mood when searching for a date online. Swiping left to right across a sea of faces has become more like detective work than dating. No amount of enthusiasm for crime documentaries is going to make figuring out real profiles any more fun.

The problem with fake profiles

Hiding behind a fake profile enables all sorts of problems to take place without accountability. For instance:


Physical abuse

Romance Fraud

Emotional abuse

Sex attacks



Identity theft




Use of bots

Daters can get blue checkmarks as the stamp of approval on some platforms to say they are verified, but this is optional. It also doesn’t guarantee that person is real as the process only involves taking an in-app photo. Dating apps can’t actually ensure people are who they say they are. This makes it hard to trace someone’s identity in the event of fraud, sex attacks, and other behaviour that makes dating unsafe.

So what can we do about this?

Digital ID verification has reached the point where it can make a huge impact on people’s lives. There’s now scope to make dating platforms a much safer space for everyone.

What is digital ID verification?

Digital ID verification is a simple, safe process that allows you to upload a passport or driving licence directly to an online platform. You take a selfie to prove you are a real person and this is matched with your ID document through AI. Fluttr uses widely adopted technology trusted by the NHS and post Office to make sure member data is safe and secure.

This process to take a long time and was a cost the dating industry did not want to bear. But today, Fluttr can carry out the necessary identity checks within a few minutes. The Yoti identity verification process we use avoids the need to send copies of ID documents via email and sensitive data is secured through encryption by registering from within the Yoti app.

ID verification protects you

It’s typical for people who get banned from dating platforms to find ways to create a new account and cause havoc once again! ID verification resolves this dilemma by allowing us to ban people, not just accounts.

Crime that takes place through Fluttr can be tracked to a real person, which leaves no room to hide. We investigate anything you feel is a little sus. 


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