keeping you safe, and your data too!

At Fluttr, your safety is our priority — this might sound like boring stuff, but it’s actually super important. We want our customers to know who they’re talking to, and we want to keep them safe, this means them and their data. For too long apps have been plagued with Catfish, fakers, and strangers whose photos are long past their sell-by date. Not to mention tech companies tracking and misusing your data. This is just another hurdle to overcome when finding real meaningful connection.


We teamed up with Yoti, to make sure that you know the people you’re flirting with really are who they say they are. Yoti is an app that makes it safer for individuals to prove their identity, and it’s their approach to privacy that makes them impossible not to love. They have created a service that acts in the interests of its customers, so not only can you safely verify your identity, but you can be secure knowing that your data is not being used or monetised. In fact, they’ve made that part impossible.

When you’re dating on Fluttr, you’re safe and your data is too.

Someone wiser than me once said, “relationships are built on trust”, and we at Fluttr have always taken that to heart. It’s our bedrock: real dates, real people, real love. Finding your tribe is sensitive work, and we do not take that for granted. So welcome to a new safe-dating experience where you can come, feel secure and find love.

Fluttr, the dating app safe enough to take the risk.

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