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Online Dating: 5 Steps to Great Mental Wellbeing

Looking after your mental health on social media is important, especially in online dating. You’re putting your heart on the line. That’s a big deal. And sometimes everything works out the way you’d been hoping; other times, it doesn’t. With that in mind, here are 5 steps you can take to keep online dating the positive, fun experience that it should be.

Simplify things

No one likes to feel overwhelmed. It’s a catalyst for stress, and stress leads to worse. Keep things simple and stick to one app – a tighter focus can also help you on your romantic quest, so that’s a bonus. Consider, too, the type of dating app which is right for you. If you’re seeking a committed relationship, but using a dating app known for short-term flings, it’s going to cause stress and anxiety.

Strike a balance

A 2018 survey by Badoo found that those aged 18-30 spend a whopping 10 hours per week on dating apps. Balancing your offline and online lives is a huge part of staying well and curbs the risk of social media addiction. Always nurture your hobbies, passions and existing relationships. Not only do they grant necessary downtime from the digital realm, but, when you’re ready to jump back on, it’s these things which play a part in what you share and talk about, and, ultimately, who you are.

Take your time

We’re firm believers that online dating should be fun and encourage making meaningful connections. Never feel pressured to rush in or do anything you don’t want to do. Really get to know the person first. Or if you aren’t ready to chat to anyone just yet, familiarise yourself with the app, fiddle around with the features, take it all in. When you do hit it off with someone, fab! Just remember the same advice applies offline, too – move at your own pace, set your boundaries, stay comfortable and safe.

Be realistic

You aren’t for everyone, and, equally, everyone isn’t for you. Some people we mesh with, some we don’t. That’s life. Rejection stings, but it happens to us all. It absolutely is not a reflection on you and your worth; acknowledging this truth is a vital talisman against feelings of burnout and dejection.

Recognise the value in all things

Similarly, what you choose to take away from an experience can work wonders for your state of mind. Last week’s rejection smarts a tad less when you treat it as having been both a learning experience and an opportunity for personal growth. Moreover, different things hold different values. Sex and romance aren’t the foundation of every relationship. Online dating can be about simple companionship, whether it’s a digital pen pal or meeting up with a new friend to enjoy a mutual hobby together.

What matters most, though, is a safe environment in which to practice tweaking your perspective and approach without any other drains on mental health. With Fluttr’s full ID verification, people have to be who they say they are – no fake profiles, no scamming, no anonymous trolls. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.