The groundbreaking anti-catfish dating app setting the benchmark

The growing popularity of online dating apps in the UK has led to a sharp rise in romance fraud, with at least one in five people have been the victim of catfishing according to a 2021 survey by BetMinded.In the first quarter of 2021, romance fraud cost the UK dating app users more than £73.9m according to the consumer association Which?, with online dating scams up a staggering 40 per cent since the pandemic.

Yoti Provides Identity Verification for Fluttr Dating App

Fluttr will be using Yoti’s digital identity verification technology to try to mitigate that threat. The technology will ensure that each account belongs to a real human customer, which in turn will give daters more confidence when interacting with potential matches. Fluttr is a new dating service that is currently capitalizing on Valentine’s Day with a February 14 launch in the UK.

UK dating app Fluttr aims to beat the ‘Tinder swindlers’ with biometric ID

A new British dating app is promising to eradicate Tinder Swindler-style romance fraud, which cost duped daters almost £100m last year, by ensuring that all members complete biometric ID verification before they digitally mingle.
Fluttr, which claims to be the first UK online dating app to use such technology to improve user safety, is launching on Valentine’s Day in the hope of getting a boost from singletons looking to change their relationship status.