Reinventing the Dating Wheel in 2022

Valentine’s Day 2022 and Fluttr is launched!

It’s time for a fresh start and a new approach to dating! We are only six weeks into the new year and after almost 2 years of unpredicted lockdowns, government restrictions, this year really could be YOUR year! Fluttr is new on the scene and reinventing online dating to help you find your authentic connection! So, what can we expect from dating in 2022?

Get Back Out There!

Since we’ve been restricted in our time spent outside over the last few years, dating has totally changed. We’ve adapted to getting to know people via video and phone calls, rather than meeting in person. No more excuses, now it’s time to get back out there. IRL dates are back! Get your confidence in dating back this year and arrange those dinner dates or quick coffee catch-ups. Dive into the dating pool head-first.

Goodbye Situationships…Hello Serious Relationships!

In 2022 we are saying adios to situationships. This is the year for getting what you want. Leave those pesky time wasters in 2021. 2022 is the year we demand what we want from relationships, honest, genuine connections. Being upfront about what you want and making a swift decision when things aren’t going in the right direction.


Is 2022 the year we scrap the theory that we all have a “type”? If the hottest celeb couples are anything to go by (we’re looking at you Kim and Kourt) your typical go-to guy or gal, in terms of looks, personality, career etc, may actually not be what suits you best. It might be the right time to reflect on why going for your usual type hasn’t worked in the past. 2022 is the year we go out of our comfort zones, getting to know new people from all walks of life. Hey, your soulmate maybe someone you least expect!

Slow Daters and Love Makers

If the pandemic has taught us anything, genuine-time spent together is so important for any relationship in our lives. Rushing a relationship with someone new, may not be the best way to move forward. Daters are expected to slow things down, spending much more time actually dating this year.  Getting to know each other, continuing the trend of slow dating over several months, before putting a label on anything.

“We’re Changing the Dating Game” – Fluttr 2022

At Fluttr, we are tired of the fakers and the time-wasters.  We say goodbye to catfishers and hello to honest, genuine, decent daters. 100% real 100% the deal! We are changing the dating game in 2022 with the creation of a dating community for all the lovemakers.

Download Fluttr today to take control of your love life – the dating app safe enough to take the risk! Happy Valentine’s Day!