Humour Online Dating Couple

Why Good Humour Is The Key To Online Dating Success

He may be a dead ringer for Timothée Chalamet, and she could pass for Anya Taylor-Joy’s twin sister, but neither will ultimately get too far without a good sense of humour. Indeed, a 2018-19 study found that a staggering 81% of respondents used humour to evaluate potential future partners.

The psychology behind this is, thankfully, easy to understand at the surface level. As well as exuding creativity and intelligence, the use of humour is a positive mood enhancer and makes for a natural icebreaker. Not too hard to see why it’s basically the holy grail of dating, then. Just think of the countless snappy one-line bios we’ve all read – everyone’s a comedian …

But not every comedian gets it right. A GSOH – or good sense of humour, if you will – pairs well with a good head on your shoulders. As with anything, there are clear dos and don’ts.

Keep it relevant

Humour should flow naturally and stem from the conversation being had with your match. This fosters inclusivity, showing that you’re actually engaging with, and listening to, the other person. And, crucially, it saves you from peppering the chat with unrelated quips like a random joke generator AI. No one wants to date an AI – especially if they’ve seen Westworld.

Ditch dark humour

Controversy is the last thing you want to introduce into the mix here. Each of us interprets things differently, more so through a text-based medium. This means when a pitch-black joke goes wrong, it goes wrong and could end up causing a great deal of offence and hurt. Darker humour is best reserved for good friends of a similar mind, not a stranger you’re hoping to woo.

Be yourself

Humour is, first and foremost, a personality trait. Forced or artificial humour will be quick to show, given that isn’t truly a part of you. ‘Just be yourself, and if there is something funny there, it will come through,’ advises dating expert, Eric Resnick. In doing so, you’re also communicating openly and honestly, which is a must for a successful relationship.

Don’t overdo it

With a GSOH being a leading criterion in matters of love, the urge to be witty is more than understandable. Consequently, some fledgling Casanovas may over-perform or try too hard. Too many jokes can obscure the person behind them, and a match may form an inaccurate image instead. The jester should always play second fiddle to the totally dateable real you.

See the funny side

The benefits of humour extend beyond the conversation, itself. Just as a light-hearted perspective and sense of playfulness can signal charm and allure, it can likewise stand your mental health in great stead for those times when your love life doesn’t quite pan out the way you’d hoped.